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Engineers Without Borders - Gateway Chapter - Minutes - Jan 23, 2007
Minutes - Jan 23, 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Meeting minutes from the January 23, 2007 Meeting.

Meeting Minutes
EWB Gateway Professional Partner’s Chapter (GPPC)
General Membership Meeting

January 23, 2007
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Engineer’s Club, St. Louis, MO
Attendance: List attached (see PDF )

1. Introductions
Paula Grahlherr welcomed all and reviewed the agenda for tonight. Items include a discussion of a fundraising event, the Honduras trip, and the Midwest TAC.

2. Fundraising
Tom collected $588 last meeting from coffee sales. He also has $200+ received at the meeting tonight. Tom has proposed a fund-raising "gala" to be held at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. SLCCC will donate the space and the CASS students will provide ethnic entertainment. We would have to use SLCCC's caterer, Treat America, for the event. Susan McKnight was not sure how many people their facilities would hold, but knows that the multi-purpose room holds "a couple hundred." This will be a culture sharing event by the CASS students with food, music, dancing, and costumes. The students leave July 10, 2007, so we need to have the event before then. Sometime after May 11th would be best as the student schedules will be lighter. Performers are from six different countries and have a variety of cultural dances to share. Suggestions included a donation of $30 per person or $300 per table. A silent auction is another idea. A committee to plan the event was proposed.
►►Paula will send out a note to ask for volunteers.

Tom noted that he has had contacts with Boeing for funding. The projects need to be local in nature however. There is a Boeing Hispanic Employees group that is interested in CASS and EWB.
►►Susan will provide CASS contact information to Paula.

Nora Estopare noted she has a fundraising contact that does wine tastings, etc.
►►She will get information to Tom L.

There is also the e-script idea from Schnuck’s.
►►Grace Johnson will look into it as will Paula.

Dave Schepers asked if there are any companies that would be willing to donate funds to projects like CH2M Hill or B&V.
►►Brian Sides of CH2M Hill said he has looked into it and there is money available, but he will investigate more. ►►Jennifer Myer will look into B&V’s ability to donate.
►►Dave S. is looking into what Ameren can do with their grant program.

EWB National has a project grant application process that we should apply for.
►►Dave asked Tom L. to look into it and determine what we need to do to get a grant for the Honduras assessment trip in March 2007.


3. Technical Advisory Committee – Jennifer Myer
Jennifer presented on the potential Midwest Regional TAC. EWB National would like to have some potential members of a Midwest TAC sit in on some current TAC meetings so they can see how the TAC operates. Meg VanSciver of EWB-USA would like resumes of those interested in becoming members of the Midwest TAC.  EWB National is seeking an Eastern US TAC to compliment the work they are doing in the national TAC, which is overloaded right now. This Eastern TAC would be made up of Midwest and East Coast members. A separate Midwest TAC may come later. Membership on the TAC requires 2-6 hours per month of review time.  If you are interested in being on the TAC, please submit your resume to Jennifer Meyer (meyerjd at bv.com) and she will forward or send them directly to Meg VanSciver at EWBUSA or you can forward to Meg directly.

4. Website
We have a new website, www.ewb-stl.org thanks to Tom Kent. We pay $40 through Go Daddy for the site hosting. We will be posting minutes and contact information for members.
►►Matt will forward the new website address to EWB-National and send Tom Kent the meeting minutes from the past.

6 EWB International Conference
Paula noted that the EWB International conference is in Amherst, MA April 12-14, 2007.
Paula handed out the latest EWB newsletter with the meeting information.

5. Honduras Trip – Melissa Allen
Melissa handed out an information packet to those present and reviewed the multiple projects that the communities have asked us to assess. The assessment group is planning to visit Copan to review the CASS project, Pimienta with WOM group and UMR students, and in Uraco Pueblo with ProPapa Brigade. There are currently too many projects for our group to handle and we need to narrow down what we are going to eventually work on. Melissa noted that the assessment group needs to know what data the project review and planning group will need regarding the projects to be reviewed.

Questions to be answered:
What data is needed?
What is the long term goal?
What are the final projects to be implemented?
How big is the project and can it be done in one trip?
Are the materials available?
What kind of manual is needed in order for the community to get involved?

It was suggested that we should focus on the WOM projects only, but the GPPC committed to the CASS project in Copan first.

Jennifer M. suggested a meeting be set up between those going on the assessment trip and those experts who may be able to provide the assessment group with the data needs. Anyone interested in providing input to the group that is going to Honduras, there will be a meeting at the St. Louis Bread Company at Brentwood and I-64/40 to discuss trip details on January 29, 2007.

If we need to ship any large items down there, WOM is shipping a container on February 18.

5. Treasurer’s Report (see PDF )

6. The next membership meeting is February 27th at the Engineer’s Club

7. Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 PM

►► - Indicates an Action Item

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