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Engineers Without Borders - Gateway Chapter - Minutes - June 26, 2007
Minutes - June 26, 2007 PDF Print E-mail

Meeting Minutes
EWB Gateway Professional Partner’s Chapter (GPPC)
General Membership Meeting
June 26, 2007
6:00 PM
Panera Bread, Forest Park & Euclid, St. Louis, MO

Attendance:  List attached

1.    Fundraising Gala, June 23, 2007 – Review by Attendees
Things that we did right at the gala:
Facility was great and the right size
Signage leading to the location was good
Food was outstanding
Appetizers were great as was the ice sculpture
Staff did a good job
Beverages and bar service was good
Ashleigh did a good job selling raffle tickets ($455 raised)
Pictures on the walls were good
Table centerpieces were very nice
Entertainment was fabulous
The silent auction was excellent

Need to do better next year:
Volume was too loud for dancing
Lighting could have been better for the entertainment
Shorten the dancing or make sure program is on time
Service was slow, needed to have salads on the table
Dinner should have started sooner so we could end before 10:00
Ran out of wine (but dinner started late so that may have contributed to more wine being consumed)
Need to make announcement of bar closing so all know when it closes
Create a website page for the gala to announce directions and dress code and menu
Have signage for the 50-50 and raffle to explain what it is
Need more decorations and better tape
Schedule in a better month to get students to attend
Get sponsorship requests out earlier

Money Raised -     $17,161 gross
            $13,000 net!! (after approximately $4000 food tab is paid)

2.    Nominations Process – Dave Schepers and Matt Volz
(See attachment 2 )
Dave S. made a motion to split the University Liaison position into two positions.  One would be for Univ. of Missouri - Columbia and UMR and the other would be Washington University and S. Illinois University.  The motion was seconded.  A voice vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously.  Matt will make a change to the bylaws.

Matt went through the nominations process and noted that nominations are now open for the positions noted below.  Anyone elected as an officer must be a member in good standing with EWB and GPPC.  A memo explaining the process was handed out and is attached.

The floor was opened up for nominations.

Nominations made on 6-26-07:

Vice-President – Matt Volz

Secretary – Melissa Allen, Brian Sides (declined), Tom Kent

Treasurer – Bill Kremer

University Chapter Liaison 1 (Mizzou, UMR) – Dave Hoffmann, Amy Drewing

University Chapter Liaison 2 (Wash U, SIU) – Jonathan Jump, Tom Kent, Jim Shelton

Due to the lateness of the announcement of the nomination process, Matt Volz made a motion to extend nominations to July 15.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.

3.    Honduras Project Plan – Melissa Allen
Melissa may be going down yet this year again to visit the project site.  An engineering report for Santa Rita is being worked on by Scott Kapplemann and Dave Hoffman that is needed first so that they may obtain project funding.  The Santiago project is being worked on UMR students, but they are out of school right now, so there is no status update.  Dave Schepers noted that Rick Stephenson of UMR mentioned they may go down again during Christmas break to do more data collection.  The Urraco Pueblo project is likely not feasible due to lack of in-country support.  There is also a planned community project that WOM would like to have researched and supported by GPPC.

Dave noted he would like a process for what we are going to do.  Melissa expressed a desire to get a project planning committee together to make some of these decisions.  There are EWB project planning decision matrices that are available from the EWB website.  Jonathan Jump has copies and will forward to Melissa.  

Next steps:
Finish the engineering report and send to Santa Rita officials.  Project funding is dependent on this report.

Have a special project meeting set up in July to delve into the details of the Santa Rita project.  What can we do or not do?  Set up small subcommittees to get the work done.  Linking with WOM is critical for the construction of the Santa Rita project.  Decide what the costs are going to be, manpower needs, material needs, etc.  At the July 24 meeting, we will devote the majority of the meeting to project planning for Santa Rita.

4.  Next Meeting
The next meeting will be July 24, 2007 at 6:00 PM at the Engineer’s Club.

5.  New Attendees Tonight
Rob Schiffer, Professional Environmental
Jenn Becker, MoDOT
Bentley Green, CH2M Hill

6.  Chapter Dues Reminder
Chapter Dues need to be paid by all elected officers and members.  Paula and Bill will send out a reminder to all that need to renew.

7.  Meeting Times
Dave Schepers asked if there is a better meeting day and time that the membership would prefer.  A survey question will be posted to the website or comments can be directed to Dave Schepers at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

8.     Meeting Minutes
It was noted that we need to be timely with posting minutes to the website and send an e-mail reminder out that the minutes are available on the website when the next meeting announcement is sent out.

9.    Committees
An e-mail should be sent out soliciting membership on the various committees.  Committee chairs should document their membership for the Executive Committee.

10.  Gift Certificate Raffle
A raffle was held for a $100 gift certificate from Mike Shannon’s Restaurant.  Attendees tonight could buy a raffle ticket for $5.  Bentley Green won the gift certificate and in the process, $95 was raised for EWB-GPPC.

11.     Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM

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