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Engineers Without Borders - Gateway Chapter - Minutes - September 5, 2007
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Meeting Minutes
EWB Gateway Professional Partner’s Chapter (GPPC)

General Membership Meeting
September 5, 2007

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
St. Louis Engineer’s Club, St. Louis, MO

 Attendance:  List attached

1.      Introductions of New Attendees – Dave Schepers

o       Bob Beers

o       Jamie McVicker

o       Daniel Hall

o       Dale Besterfield

o       Brittany Hagedorn


2.      Review of 2006-2007 Goals of the Organization – Dave Schepers

o       Membership Goal of 25 people, full memberships (Have 23 now)

o       Attend EWB Fall Conference at Wash U

o       Fundraising

                                                              i.      Had Fundraising Gala which was well attended and it was a fun evening and raised over $12,000

o       Identify a project and complete a site assessment – Honduras was visited in March 2007 and a project was selected.

o       Providing mentors and technical assistance to our university partners

                                                              i.      Did that for UMR trip to Bolivia, Wash U for Guatemala trip, UMR for Honduras trip.


3.      New Officers Election Results – Dave Schepers

President – Vicki LaRose

Vice President – Matt Volz

Treasurer – Bill Kremer

Secretary – Melissa Allen

University Liaison 1 – Amy Drewing

University Liaison 1 – Jonathan Jump


4.      Dave Introduced Vicki as New President


5.      New Meeting Format – Vicki LaRose

Business meetings will be held the first Wednesday of the month at noon.  Committees will meet outside of that time.  A Program Committee will be established to get speakers for the business meetings.  If there are any suggestions for meeting format, let Vicki know.


6.      Standing Committees - Vicki LaRose

Program Committee – Need a volunteer

Fundraising – Tom Lachajczyk

Membership – Paula Grahlherr


A sign up sheet was passed around for committee volunteers.


Membership Committee – Chair: Paula Grahlherr

Jennifer Meyer

Jamie McVicker

Melissa Allen

Bill Kremer


Finance Committee – Chair:  Tom Lachajczyk

Daniel Hull

Brian Sides

Nora Estopare

Amy Drewing


Program Committee – Chair: Need Volunteer

Bob Berry

Scott Kappelmann

Dave Schepers


7.      Honduras Project – Melissa Allen

Melissa and Scott discussed the project report that has been prepared for the town of Santa Rita.  Some translation still needs to be done.  This report will be sent to Santa Rita and available funds will be discussed with the city.  There is some additional data collection that needs to be done in Santa Rita in the next 6 months.  The project has been submitted to EWB-USA. 


Jennifer Meyer noted that she has submitted a project for the CASS students to EWB-USA in case another organization wants to take it on.


8.      Washington Overseas Mission – Jay Quattlebaum

Jay gave an overview of WOM.  WOM started 15 years ago with a medical mission.  It has grown to where they now send down medical, dental, and construction teams, about 80 people go down in March or April.  WOM is non-denominational.  They work with local government organizations as well as Red Cross and church groups.  They build clinics, schools, install wells and pumps, install piping, etc. 


WOM is a great NGO in Honduras and has been invaluable in the work EWB GPPC has undertaken in Honduras.  WOM has multiple container shipments to Honduras each year, has translators, drivers, and cooks.  The medical teams are spread out around the country.  The construction teams generally stay in the same area of the country.


Sulacco is the next area that the construction team is going to be working in.  They will be doing home remodeling.  10-12 houses are targeted.  Roof replacements, new floors, and plumbing are being discussed. 


The next WOM trip is March 24-April 5, 2008.


Jay would like to develop a plan for the future of WOM and would like the assistance of EWB GPPC. 


The Beans and Rice Ball is the Saturday before Thanksgiving in 2007.  They expect to raise approximately $30,000. 


9.      2007-2008 GPPC Goals – Vicki LaRose

o       Increase membership by 25%

o       Fundraising

                                                              i.      Have Gala in 2008

                                                            ii.      Find other funding resources

                                                          iii.      Develop plan for spending money

o       Continue Honduras Planning

o       Continue to support other chapters and student chapters

                                                              i.      Help SIUE get their chapter going

o       Become active on the Regional TAC of EWB-USA


10. Wash U Update – Dan Payne and Brittany Hagedorn

The student chapter has been working in Guatemala.  They have designed and built a sustainable stove.  Right now they are gathering support and funding for a trip to Guatemala during Spring Break.  Dave Schepers noted there is a solar powered computer lab project that UMR and Wash U wanted to work on.  He will investigate further.  Wash U’s project in the North Grand Association neighborhood is in need of a licensed electrician.  Wash U’s group goes out every Saturday to work on a house in the neighborhood. 


11. Next Meeting

The next chapter meeting will be October 3rd from 12:00 to 1:00 with networking from 11:30 to 12:00.


12. Meeting Adjourned at 1:10 PM

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