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Engineers Without Borders - Gateway Chapter - Minutes-July 2008
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Meeting MinutesEWB Gateway Professional Partner’s Chapter (GPPC)General Membership Meeting

July 9, 2008

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Engineer’s Club, St. Louis, MO 

Attendance:  List attached 

  1. Introductions

There were three new attendees at the meeting. Gina Gansmann, Engineering Manager with Black & Veatch with civil-water/ wastewater background.  Sam Fok, a member of the EWB-Wash U chapter and the local work chair.  Ann Faeth-Boyd with Golder Associates. 


  1. Nominations

Please fill out the nominations sheet found on the google site and email them to Vicki LaRose by July 21st. Her email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Once nominations for VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and University Liaisons are determined, she will check with the nominees to confirm their acceptance of the nomination before the election.   The current Membership Committee Chairperson would like to relinquish the position, so anyone interested in filling this position, please let Vicki know.  


  1.  Potential Fundraiser Ideas

Rams Football Games

(Group Tickets)Package tickets:  (One in October, one in December) - If we buy group tickets for the Dallas Cowboys game on October 19, we have to buy tickets for another game, Seahawks on December 14 should be a good one.  Essentially for $94 per ticket we get two games.  (They also have a $76 ticket, but this is the very top on the ends of the stadium) 

Ticket/ Tailgate Part for $125:  Vicki has offered the parking lot of Civil Design, Inc in Soulard. (FREE!)  We could grab one of the many Soulard shuttles that are around.  Dave offered tables from his church and Vicki has some tables at her office.  We may need a tent in case of inclement weather.  Our cost will be $47 for the ticket and approximately $35 for the tailgate party which will include food and beverages and transportation for a total of $82.  That will give us $43 in profit.  If we do a group of 20 that is $860 in funds raised.  For two games we can raise $1720.   The more tickets we sell, the more profit.  Initial outlay for this if we think we can support a group of 20 is approximately $2000.  The Executive Committee voted to approve the purchase of the initial 20 tickets and more tickets can be purchased later.     

Golf Tournament (September)-Minimum of 9 foursomes (36 golfers) at $125 per person or $500 per foursome. That will include greens fees, cart, food, and beverages cost is $80), so we can make $45 profit per person.  If we have 36 golfers, that is $1640 in profit.  If we get corporate sponsors for the holes at $100 per hole, we can bring in an additional $1000 to $1800.  We can also ask for prizes to be donated by corporate sponsors.  Potentially we can raise $2600 to $3400 at a minimum, more if we have more golfers.  If we dodonate prizes and silent auction as well, even better.  Ryan     Hamilton has taken on the responsibility of leading this.   Ebay Items Daniel Hull is coordinating a way for our chapter to obtain funds through the resale of old laptops, cameras, blackberries.. etc. He is getting a letter and a list together to send to companies for donations of any old (useful) electronics. GalaWe are planning for next Spring for our Gala Fundraiser. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on a suitable venue. 


  1. Washington University Student EWB Chapter

Sam Fok, EWB Local Working Chair was present to discuss potential projects and the desire to have a stronger relationship with EWB Professional Chapter.  The student chapter would like to coordinate with GPPC for assistance with project management, logistics, and professional experience. Due to the turnover in graduating members, project leaders have been inconsistent and they would like help with timelines, budgets, mentoring, etc. In turn, GPPC chapter would like assistance on project research and future trips.  Please see the attached document for their current  local and international projects.  

  1. Fliers

We would like to create a flier describing the Honduras projects and GPPC mission and goals to hand out at functions. A draft flier advertising for the Rams event was made at the meeting and will be finalized and distributed, hopefully by next week. 

  1. Split up into working committees: Fundraising and Honduras Projects

 Honduras project:   Food for the Poor (www.foodforthepoor.org) donated money for materials and design for 28 houses built into a hillside in Pimienta, Honduras.  It was found on our trip that these houses were constructed and designed poorly.  In addition to erosion and drainage problems, they are without basic facilities like sanitation and accessible water. We are currently trying to get a report together based upon our assessment and possible designs to send to Food for the Poor and the alcalde of Pimienta, Dr. Raul.  We have separated the report into sections and have members working on various sections: 

  1. Intro:  Background on the project, community, and our organizations objectives
  2.  Geology and Topography of the area, including detailed maps.
  3. Climate Conditions and Considerations
  4. Drainage
  5. Soil Stability Issues
  6. Lack of Facilities
  7. Recommendations
  8. QA/QC and Conclusion

 Please see attached document for a more detailed report outline and project summary.  These houses are in danger unless immediate action is taken to control drainage. We would like to get this report together as soon as possible and possibly ask Food for the Poor for assisstance with funding.  

Attachments:  Nominations Ballot                         

Report Outline and detailed summary of Honduras Projects                        

Attendees List                        

Washington University-Student Chapter Projects

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