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Engineers Without Borders - Gateway Chapter - Minutes - November 2008
Minutes - November 2008 PDF Print E-mail

EWB Gateway Professional Partners Chapter

General Membership Meeting

November 12, 2008

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

 Attendance List

1.         Introductions

There were new attendees at the meeting:  Rebecca Coyle with the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District, Sheila Nadworn and Gregg Buswell with DRS Technologies.


2.         Honduras Flooding Appeal

In cooperation with the student chapter at Missouri S&T and also Washington Overseas Mission (WOM), we would like to extend support to the communities (Pimienta and Santiago) in Honduras which each of our chapters and groups have been working with.

Message from the Missouri S&T chapter: "...Honduras is currently experiencing heavy flooding, even worse than that of Hurricane Felix from a year ago.  Specifically, Pimienta and Santiago, ...is experiencing heavy flooding.  Santiago, a town of 8,000, is virtually an island, with both roads into town under water..WOM has already sent a boat to Honduras, so that the Mayor (also the doctor), Dr. Raul, can get in and out of town to his people..."

WOM plans to send a shipment to these communities right after Thanksgiving.  If you have any items that you would like to donate, please contact Melissa Allen or Jennifer Meyer to arrange for pick up of the items.

3.         Fundraiser Updates

a.         Rams/Dallas football game raised approximately $410 for the chapter.

b.         Approximately 10 tickets remain for the Rams/Seahawks game.  Tickets will be sold for $100 each.  Location for the tailgate prior to the game is still being reviewed.  Vicki LaRose will contact Llywelyn’s Pub to inquire about costs to utilize a room for tailgating and their shuttle to and from the game.  Another option for the tailgating is to have a tailgate near the stadium, similar to the event held for the Rams/Dallas game.

c.         Rotary funding opportunities were recently outlined in the national EWB newsletter.  Matt Volz submitted Form 512 for the Pimienta project to inquire about possible funding for the project.  All members should review the national website regularly as the national chapter is looking at ways to distribute funds amongst the local chapters.

4.         Event Reports

a.         Jonathan Jump recently attended the EWB Great Lakes Conference in Champaign, Illinois.  Approximately 100 to 150 people were in attendance.  Presentations were given on different projects that have been ongoing within the Great Lakes Conference.  Chapters in attendance were mainly from the Midwest area.

b.         Melissa Allen recently spoke at the UMSL chapter.  Melissa will also be speaking at an upcoming WTS breakfast meeting on November 20th at 8am, this event will be held at the Engineer’s Club.  We are currently scheduled to speak at an upcoming SAME meeting on May 21st at the Engineers Club; Jonathan Jump has volunteered to speak at this meeting.  Vicki LaRose can arrange after the first of the year for someone to speak at the office of CH2MHill for a brown bag lunch session.

c.         The EWB-USA International Conference is scheduled for March 26-29, 2009 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Jonathan Jump has volunteered to organize a group to attend from our chapter.  Additional information regarding the conference can be found on www.ewb-usa.org

5.         Project Reports

a.         Santa Rita – Gina Gansmann gave a summary of the status of the Santa Rita project.  An outline of a proposed summary report which will outline the details of the project and next steps was distributed (a copy has been attached to these minutes).  A previous Report on the Water Supply System of Santa Rita was completed in October 2007.  This report outlined several recommendations for improvements to the water system of Santa Rita.  The initial project to be implemented will be to construct a new water storage tank.  Volunteers are being sought for those interested in working on the project so we can take the next steps forward in helping this community.

b.         Pimienta – Melissa provided a brief background of the project.  The recent version of the Assessment Trip report will be posted on google groups.  The report is currently being translated.  Once translated it will be sent to Food for the Poor and will be used to try and acquire funding for the recommended improvements.  Melissa would like to send a formal letter to Food for the Poor to outline the improvements and conditions of the housing they had previously funded.

6.         Bolivia Project Trip

Dave Schepers gave a presentation on his recent trip to Rio Colorado, Bolivia.  Project work included the installation of new bridges, housing for a new generator, amongst other improvements.

7.         Miscellaneous

a.         Potential alternative meeting sites are being investigated to help attendance at the general membership meetings.  A private meeting room would need to be found, ideas included public libraries, restaurants, or possibly a hotel.  Locations will continue to be investigated.

b.         A quarterly luncheon was suggested to be held for the general membership meetings to help attendance.  A luncheon will be planned for the January general membership meeting.

c.         Gina Gansmann will develop a monthly or quarterly newsletter for the chapter.  Please send any information you would like included in the newsletter.

d.         A plant tour of the MSD Fine Roads Plant (Meramec) is planned for Saturday, November 15th at noon.  A group of students from the Washington University Student Chapter will be attending.  Directions to the plant are as follows:

Address: 7849 Fine Road, St. Louis 63129

Coming from 255: Exit onto Telegraph Road (go South) and before the bridge going over the Meramec River take a left onto Fine Road.  Plant located on the right.

Coming from Interstate 55: go north on Richardson Road, take a right onto Jeffco and then a left onto Telegraph (at the McDonalds), make a right onto Fine Road after you cross the Meramec River.

e.         The Washington Overseas Mission Annual Rice and Beans Banquet will be held on Saturday November 22, 2008, for further information go to:


8.         Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on December 10, 2008 at 6:30pm at the Engineers Club.


Water Supply System

Santa Rita de Copan, Honduras


Project Outline


Prepared by

Engineers without Borders

Gateway Professional Partners Chapter

St Louis, Missouri  USA





  1. Project Background

      Project a brief description of what has been done to this point, assessment visit, etc.


  1. Project Description

            B.1       Project Need

            Why is the new tank needed?

            B.2       Design Criteria

            Need to identify criteria, what information do we need to complete design?  Data we may need to collect, disinfection requirements/options.  Discussion of how this new tank will operate, how it will be integrated into the existing system.  Need to outline how this will solve their needs, etc.

            B.3       Project Costs

            We should put together some sort of preliminary estimate of what it may cost for the new tank, etc.


  1. Water Rights Laws


  1. Project Funding



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