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Engineers Without Borders - Gateway Chapter - Minutes - December 2008
Minutes - December 2008 PDF Print E-mail

EWB Gateway Professional Partners Chapter

General Membership Meeting

December 10, 2008

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


1.         Introductions

The meeting attendance list is attached to these minutes.


2.         Budget Report

No updates were provided on the budget.

3.         Fundraiser Updates

a.         The Rams/Seahawks football tailgate party is scheduled to begin at 9:30am in the large parking lot north of the stadium.  To date there are approximately 8 or 9 tickets remaining for the game.  The game starts at noon on Sunday December 14th.  Minimum donation per ticket $90.  Contact Matt Volz for further information or to obtain tickets, 314-640-3123 cell, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

b.         A holiday giving challenge has been posted on the EWB-USA website.  Boeing Company is providing a challenge grant which will match each $1 donated with a $2 contribution.  Please visit http://www.ewb-usa.org/donate.php for further details.  If you desire to donate directly to our professional chapter please send the donation to Bill Kremer.

c.         Rotary funding opportunities were reviewed and outlined by Tom Lachajczyk.  Tom provided a detailed review of the procedures we will need to follow to obtain rotary funding for our Honduras projects.  The main points are outlined in the attached notes to the minutes.  A few key items are as follows:

·         A host rotary club in Honduras needs to be identified.  Tom will continue to work with Doug Frisbie to identify a host rotary club.  Jennifer Meyer was also provided a list of potential host clubs which she will investigate by contacting them directly.

·         A lead rotary club is needed in the US.  A list of local clubs was provided.  Dale Besterfield provided Tom a contact to arrange a meeting with the local clubs.  In addition we will continue to pursue the rotary district in Florida that is interested in funding projects in 2009.  The rotary district in Florida has requested some additional information on our projects.  This information will be gathered and provided to Doug Frisbie the EWB Rotary Coordinator.

o        We are in the process of identifying a host rotary club.

o        A budget will need to be established for the work anticipated in Santa Rita.  Gina Gansmann will lead getting this established.

o        Since funding is for drinking water projects it is not clear whether funds would be available for the Pimienta project.

·         The Honduras projects can be advertised online (web link for rotary) http://www.ewb-usa.org/Rotary&EWB.php .  A one page project description will need to developed for both projects (form 512).  Jennifer Meyer will confirm whether these have been completed for the projects.  If not, Gina Gansmann will coordinate the completion of these forms.

4.         University Reports

a.         University of Missouri

            President – Cole Duckworth, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

b.         Missouri University of Science & Technology

            The university is looking for mentors to work with projects and hopefully travel with the teams during implementation.  Details of the projects have been attached to these minutes.  If you are interested in serving as a mentor to one of the projects please contact Jennifer Meyer ASAP.  Implementation trips for some components of these projects is anticipated to be summer of 2009 (May or August).  Project designs and 507D reports to EWB-USA will need to be submitted in February.

c.         Washington University

            The university is looking for assistance from the professional chapter.  The student chapter would  like to organize a meeting between the offices of our professional chapter and the student chapter to discuss potential ways of working together.  Melissa Allen is currently arranging this meeting.

            The student chapter is in need of a structural engineer to review a housing design for a project in Guatemala.

            The student chapter is planning a trip to Haiti, related to Medicine Food for Kids, to audit a factory and develop a maintenance schedule for the equipment.  This trip is scheduled for March 6th through the 13th.  Currently three students are planned to go on the trip, but the group is in need of assistance from a mentor.  The student chapter from SIUE will check with their industrial/manufacturing department to see if a professor is available for assistance.

d.         SIUE

            Melissa Allen recently spoke at their last general meeting.  They are in the process of scheduling a meeting with Melissa Allen to review the Pimienta project.  Date and time of this meeting is to be determined.  The SIUE student chapter is still in the process of being recognized by the national chapter.

            The university does have a in-country project involving the design and construction of a suspension bridge for Camp Ondessonk located in southern Illinois.  Funding for the project has been obtained.

5.         Miscellaneous

a.         Vicki LaRose is scheduling a speaking event with CH2MHill.

b.         Jonathan Jump will look into arranging a speaking event at Boeing Company.

b.         The December 2008 Newsletter was distributed.  Please forward any information that you would like incorporated into the newsletter to Gina Gansmann.

c.         Thank you to everyone who donated items for the Honduras Flooding Appeal.  Items have been delivered to a Washington Overseas Mission representative to be sent to Honduras.

6.         Project Reports

a.         Pimienta – The assessment trip report is currently being translated.  Once translated it will be forwarded to Food for the Poor to try and acquire funding for the recommended improvements.

b.         Santa Rita – A summary report is being developed to outline the proposed improvements.  This report will be forwarded to the mayor of Santa Rita, along with a formal agreement letter for approval, to confirm the needs of the community.

7.         Next Meeting

a.         The next meeting will be held on January 14th at the Engineers Club.  This meeting will be a luncheon meeting.

            11:30 to 12:00             Networking

            12:00 to 1:00               Luncheon

            Missouri University of Science & Technology student chapter would like to attend the meeting and speak on their projects.


Missouri University of Science & Technology:

Projects seeking Mentors:

New Project: Erquis Sud, Bolivia Location: Southern Bolivia in the Department (state) of Tarija and near
the city of Tarija (elevation about 6,500 feet)
The project: This is new rural subdivision named Los Eucaliptos
consisting of 100 lots surrounded by farms with housing being
constructed via Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat only does houses and does
not provide any of the utilities needed.  Currently the approximately 40
homes have no utility infrastructure of any kind.  So the project is to
first provide a water supply, a well, a water storage tank and a water
distribution system.  Professional mentoring is especially needed with
the design and construction of the water distribution system.  As a part
of the well pump installation electrical power must be brought in to the
subdivision.  Once water is provided a sewage collection and treatment
system will be needed due to the dense concentration of homes on small
lots (some lots have two homes constructed on them) and the potential
for contamination of the groundwater source for the well.  Professional
mentoring will be needed for the design and construction of the sewage

New Project: Nahualate, Guatemala
Location: South central Guatemala in the Department (state) of
Suchitepequez near the city of Mazatenango and south of Lago de Atitlan
The project: Somewhat similar to the Erquis Sud, Bolivia project in that
it involves a water supply.  This time there are about 500 homes
scattered over a larger area only some of which currently have a water
supply.  An additional well or wells will be needed along with a pump or
pumps, an elevated storage tank and a water distribution system.  Again
professional mentoring is especially needed with the design and
construction of the water distribution system plus the elevated storage

Existing Project: Tacachia, Bolivia (elevation about 9,000 feet and
immediately adjacent to Nevado Illimani at 21,004 feet)
Location: West central Bolivia in the Department (state) of La Paz and
near the city of La Paz (elevation about 11,500 feet and the La Paz
airport at about 13,300 feet)
The Project: Design and construction of a 600 to 750 foot long
pedestrian suspension bridge across a major mountain stream valley.
Professional mentoring is needed for the structural design and
constructability of the bridge.  Mentoring is also needed for the
hydrologic evaluation of the stream, the abutments and the tower pier
protection from scour, erosion and impact from large boulders.  This
project has additional components involving pumping irrigation water
using hydraulic ram pumps, a potable water storage tank made of
ferrocement, and low volume irrigation water distribution.  Professional
mentoring for these other components is also sought.

Existing Project: Santiago, Honduras
Location: North central Honduras in the Department (state) of Cortes and
near the cities of San Pedro Sula and Pimienta, where the Gateway
Chapter is already working on a project.
The Project:  Upgrading the water supply system for Santiago including a
well or wells, storage tank(s), and piping distribution system.
Professional mentoring for the water supply system is needed.
Additional components that could also benefit from professional mentors
include solar water pumping from a spring, rainwater collection systems,
slow sand filter treatment for potable water, and the design of a solar
power system for limited household usage (some TV and light). 


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